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Meet Wendy Haslam

Wendy Haslam LBSH RSHom 

Wendy first became interested in Homeopathy over 30 years ago after adding therapy rooms to her health food business. A move to Wales gave her the opportunity to begin a four-year homeopathy practitioner course whilst working at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Cardiff. This job not only provided her with some training in the use of herbs, flower remedies and aromatherapy but allowed her to collaborate with other therapists by running workshops and open days.

Wendy believes that assistance on the path to wellness for most of us requires different therapies at different times. Along with diet, exercise and some tools for dealing with everyday stresses.

As a practitioner she has chosen Homeopathy from having experienced both personally and in her patients a return to balance and wellness. She explains "I like that homeopathy recognizes the individual expression of symptoms. Let’s take a headache for example, there are common symptoms of course such as pain, but we don’t all feel that in the same way. And the effect that has on us will be different, we might be sleepy or withdraw or we might become less patient. Some particular occurrence will have begun the pattern of headaches too. A remedy in our homeopathic pharmacy will match all these symptoms and my job is to work out which one. For some patients that is enough to help and sometimes it is simply the beginning of the journey.” 

Wendy began her membership with the Society of Homeopaths as a clinical student and completed her registration with them after graduating in 2005. Their website contains lots of information for anyone interested in learning more plus a list of their registered members.


Why Homeopathy?

Good health can be described as being in balance both mentally and physically. Illness is a manifestation of the body losing its natural ability to rebalance itself.

A variety of outside influences can interrupt the balance which allows our system to cope and repair. Homeopathy can gently and successfully encourage our healing potential back into action.

Health detective

Piecing together your health history to uncover the underlying root causes of your current symptoms

Energetic medicine

Working with your body's natural ability to heal itself, your treatment works in tandem with your own energy

Tailored to the individual

Finding the exact remedy that matches your specific symptoms based on the principle of like treats like


Homeopathy can work successfully  alongside other therapies and treatments, and actively supports healthy lifestyle choices


“Wendy has treated me for various ailments over the past few years, all of which have responded amazingly to homeopathy. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

— S.B. Brampton

Therapies available Wednesdays at
Carlisle Therapies 34 Lowther Street Carlisle
or Half Moon Wholefoods 14 Front Street Brampton
or online via Zoom
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